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Feb. 23rd, 2008 02:44 am
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6.1. Make a list of everyone you've ever slept with.

I'm just gonna use first names to keep at least some semblance of decency here. And did anyone ever notice that just by not telling someone something you're telling them something? Damn...

1. Carolyn -- lost my virginity in the back of her car after we won a race. Don't ask. It's that whole speed thing...
2. [I can't tell you] -- motorcycles are cool, too
3. [I can't tell you, again] -- surviving imminent death will do that to you sometimes
4. Nancy -- my ex-wife, before we were exes, obviously
5. Katia -- it's damned cold in Antarctica. Definitely something to be said for that whole sharing body heat thing.
6. [I really can't tell you] -- definitely not a one-time thing. *grins*
7. Chaya -- well, I think we did. It was glowy and I felt really good, but I'm not all that sure there was physical contact. I dunno what it counts as! 6 got pretty jealous, though...
8. [wouldn't tell you this one even if I could -- I don't want 6 knowing about it, there would be too much worry and fussing] -- wasn't exactly my choice, either.
9. Teer -- I was trapped there for months, and she was very friendly and nice. What was I supposed to do?!
10. [again, not telling] -- and I'm really not sure what it counts as, because it wasn't even real; all in my head, that kind of thing. And no, 6 doesn't know about it either. I think. I hope.

Character: LtCol John Sheppard
Fandom: Stargate: Atlantis
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