Mar. 4th, 2008

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12. 1. A list of things you'll never do again.

1. Wake up an entire species of life-sucking aliens and completely upset the ecosystem of an entire galaxy
2. Piss off psychotic militaristic fake space-Amish leaders
3. Leave the (also psychotic) black ops leader of same alone with Rodney. Ever.
4. Leave enzyme-hopped ex-teammembers or their thugs alone with Rodney.
5. Leave supposedly friendly aliens alone with Rodney (seeing a theme here?).
6. Think that 'I want to experiment on [fill in the blank]' might actually be a good plan.
7. Play with *shudder* bugs.
8. Think it's a good idea to sic the Ancients' failed nanite-based anti-Wraith weapon on said Wraith, especially when the nanite-based weapon freely interprets 'kill all the Wraith' as 'kill off their food source (humans!) so the Wraith starve to death'
9. Let Rodney play with failed Ancient experiments (sort of related to 8 above)
10. Let Rodney think he's smarter than the Ancients. Even if he might be. Sometimes.
11. Let Rodney know I said 10.
12. Let Rodney play with genetic-enhancing Ancient artifacts.
13. Look at semi-medieval societies and think they're 'cute'. Damned brat...
14. Think 'it's just a game' when it comes to some weird piece of Ancient tech. Oops.
15. Touch the pretty shiny crystal things that want me to touch them. Oops again.
16. Go back to the planet with the pretty shiny crystal things, because there are WAY too many of 'em.

Y'know, somehow I think this list is just gonna get longer every time we go on a mission. Seems to be the way things work out. I'm starting to think I should get a desk job... Except then who'd keep Rodney from blowing up solar systems?

Character: LtCol John Sheppard
Fandom: Stargate: Atlantis
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