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Name:John Sheppard
Birthdate:Jun 1
LtCol John Sheppard, USAF, attached to the SGC's Atlantis Expedition. Um... not actually in Antarctica any more. Not long, long ago, but definitely a galaxy far, far away.

[more to be added later]

[OOC: this journal is for writing purposes and some RP. No copyright infringement is intended. This journal may contain adult themes and shocking bad words*. If these things disturb you, go elsewhere.

ETA: Everything written for TM so far is based on the information aired in the US to date -- apparently, we're going to get more background on Shep in the next season. I may adjust his background based on that, may not, and hopefully, won't have to. But, we'll have to see when it comes up, because I do not do spoilers. I'm fully expecting to be Jossed on a few things...

*Re: shocking bad words, Sheppard is in the military. I do not have to adhere to the SciFi Channel's 'standards and practices' guidelines, so he's going to talk like someone in the military. I haven't met one yet who doesn't toss out a curse every now and then, so don't expect his dialogue to be as clean as it is on tv.]

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